Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sling-shot – Tabernaemontana laurifolia

Tabernaemontana laurifolia L.
Sling-shot, Wild Jasmine
Grand Cayman and Jamaica, in dry, rocky woodlands on limestone
Brunt 1967, Correll & Correll, Howard & Wagenknecht, Proctor
FLORA of the CAYMAN ISLANDS by George R. Proctor p.519, Plate 49
Cayman Islands Red List status: Near Threatened 

Grand Cayman, May 26, 2014
A small tree with white latex

 Grand Cayman, May 23, 2014
BRANCHING: opposite

Grand Cayman, May 26, 2014 
LEAVES: OPPOSITE, waxy, shiny
 CaymANNature Herbarium

Grand Cayman, Dec. 7, 2005 
FLOWERS: greenish-yellow, pinwheel-like, scented

FRUIT: 2 broad, fleshy follicles, with orange arils, in which the seeds are embedded
CaymANNature Flora

Grand Cayman, Dec. 7, 2005 
It grows in dry, rocky woodlands on limestone.
Grand Cayman, March 5, 2009.  
It is a suitable small tree for landscaping, easy maintenance.

Collected by Sir Hans Sloane in Jamaica
Natural History Museum, London
Collected by Sir Hans Sloane in Jamaica

Voyages of discovery were an important part of the search for a new order in the natural world. Tony Rice charts Sir Hans Sloane's seventeenth-century expedition to Jamaica, a voyage that produced one of the world's most significant natural history collections. Sloane amassed a hoard of thousands of natural history books, objects and artworks in his quest for a rationalist approach to the study of nature.

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