Sunday, 4 August 2013

Snake Withe - Cissus verticillata

 Snake Withe - Cissus verticillata (synonym C. sicyoides), Vulnerable, Family: VITACEAE, glabrous subwoody vine, showing tendrils and leaf margins with minute teeth.  
Grand Cayman, June 1, 2005. It also occurs on Little Cayman & Cayman Brac.
Distribution: Florida, West Indies and continental tropical America, climbing on trees, rocks and fences.

Flowers and immature fruits. The berries are black when ripe. Grand Cayman Sept.3, 2006. 
Photos: Ann Stafford 
 Snake Withe is likely larval food plant of Enyo lugubris, Eumorpha vitis, E. fasciatus & E. labruscae. subwoody vine that climbs on trees, rocks and fences.
FLORA of the CAYMAN ISLANDS by George R. Proctor, 2012, page 473,  Plate 41.

CaymANNature Flora 

1938 Oxford University Biological Expedition to the Cayman Islands 

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