Friday, 9 August 2013

Wash Wood (Cayman) - Jacquinia keyensis

Cayman Islands Wild Trees and Shrubs

Wash Wood (Cayman), called Joe Wood in the US), Jacquinia keyensis, Endangered
Very salt-tolerant, an excellent hurricane survivor species,
Salt Creek dyke roads, Grand Cayman.
Photo: Ann Stafford, Oct.29, 2004
(after Hurricane Ivan, Sept.12-13, 2004)

Flora of the Cayman Islands by George R. Proctor 2012, page 349, Plate 25.

CaymANNature Flora album 

 Cayman Islands FLORA images (arranged in scientific name order A - Z) including Dendrophylax fawcettii (Ghost Orchid), Exostema caribaeum, Neoregnellia cubensis, Rochefortia acanthophora, Tournefortia astrotricha, Zanthoxylum sp, now identified as Z. caribaeum, found on the Mastic Trail, Grand Cayman.

Full descriptions can be found in the book Flora of the Cayman Islands by George R. Proctor, Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW 2012, which covers Ferns, Zamia, Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons. The book includes Cayman Islands endemics and near-neighbor endemics (Jamaica and Cuba).

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